2016 · Fiction · Suspense

Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10

download-1The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Published by Simon and Schuster in 2016

Genres: Fiction, Suspence

Links: Goodreads, AmazonLoot.co.za, iTunes, iTunes Audiobook

Verdict: Meh

Here’s a book I hoped I’d enjoy, and was sorely disappointed. The main character, Lo Blacklock, is a journalist who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to write about a luxury cruiseliner, the Aurora Borealis. It’s her chance to climb to corporate ladder and have some well needed rest after a traumatic break-in at her apartment (which she was present for, though unhurt). She suffers from extreme anxiety and the break-in pushes her into a sleepless, PTSD state in which some regretful things were said to her boyfriend. Enter the constant drinking and perpetually drunk state, something I hate. I can’t understand why someone who feels so out of control of her life would think that being constantly drunk might help. She, surprise, can’t keep it together from the start to be a professional journalist on this assignment. Her ex-boyfriend is also on the cruise and from the start their interactions irritate me.

Lo then witnesses a murder, or does she? No one believes her (surprise) and after a lot of plodding and confusion, we get to the twist. Only the twist isn’t quite that as it’s obvious from about the middle of the book. And if I could get there as soon as I did, why didn’t Lo? Was it her perpetual drunk stupor? Probably. A lot of the decisions she made throughout the book made no sense to me.

I’m disappointed to say I enjoyed this book far less than the author’s debut, In a dark, dark wood. I felt this ‘thriller’ was too formulaic and I struggled to relate to the characters or even understand the motives behind their actions. It reminds me very much of The girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins, another book I struggled to get through. The deeply dissatisfying ending is the final nail in this coffin. In all, I’d say give this one a skip.


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